BRKLN STUDIO HOME - Mik Space New York
A large white wall is a cyclorama. Huge panoramic windows for natural lighting in the studio. The cost of the design studio from $ 50 per hour. Rent a photo studio in Brooklyn New York.
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Why you need rent BRKLN photo studio in NYC?

Photo studio in Williamsburg. A large bright space, a lot of daylight gets into the photo studio during the day, which allows you to photograph with natural light. Large selection of props for shooting and professional equipment


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This week’s specials

Studio «Minsk»
750 square feet

2 Hours
3-7 Hours
half day
8+ Hours
full day

Studio «Brest»
425 square feet

2 Hours
3-7 Hours
half day
8+ Hours
full day
Huge windows, lots of daylight and better equipment
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Need a stylish photo to portfolio?

The rental price includes equipment and studio requisites — an hour before registration, you can use the dressing room. It’s free, but the dressing room is mandatory for rental. See more photos made in our photo studio below

What is the difference between the studios?

Minsk studio this is the biggest hall of the studio with a cyclorama.
Brest studio that studis smaller in size and also have the same equipment
plus any paper backgrounds.
04 47'' Cinema 3D LED TV